About Me

Hi! I'm Iceical and this right here is my silly little website!
I've never been much of a coder but all things considered I've managed to get this far so thats pretty cool. I tend to draw, animate, paint, all the junk that you can do to create. I've tried everything, even if I haven't finished it.
Now I'm making a barely functioning website!
I'm not a coder but I do have a drive to throw myself headfirst into projects I'm not qualified for! I have many ideas and its unclear if I'll get to do them all but I sure will try. Thanks for visiting!

Fun Facts!

  • - I make lots of very stupid art, pretty much all the time. Everything works out in the end
  • - I have tried and failed to make 4 dating sims!
  • - My favorite flavor is blue
  • - Once I made a vtuber model from start to finish in 3 days! I had no experience before hand and only a vauge idea of what a vtuber was
  • - I got a really bad finger infection while working on this website, didn't stop me from coding!
/R.I.P Gram Gram by The Cream Cracker Crew/
/Vocals by me! This is not a good song/