Sky High Shit

Airplane bathroom was like every other economy airplane bathroom, small, cool lighting, satisfying flush sound and a light that jumpscares me literally every single time because I think the doors cracking open

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By - Aiden

Almost a nightmare

Not sure how it happened or when but at some point I ended up here in some weird maybe bathroom. I was never able to tell for sure since the stalls as far as I could tell didn't have toilets...well one did but i felt a bit odd peeing in a metaphor so I had to pass. In the first stall was a brick wall with a very poorly painted toilet on it I almost laughed, it had a window for some reason out of which there was like a small gap maybe two feet then another brick wall still the curtains were nice so I guess points for that. The second stall was empty until I looked in the mirror then it got weird there was some guy or maybe some gal standing at the end or maybe the beginning of some odd hallway they were smiling as if they knew something but wouldn't tell still points for creativity. The last stall,and the only one with a toilet, was just words floating? Describing what should've been there so at this point I didnt want to tackle that headache and I left. Overall 3/10 wouldn't recommend it.

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By - Crim

Bahamas restaurant

(in a half sit-down, half bar type of restaurant)

The bathroom was clean and colorful, very well designed. Points docked for large gaps under the doors (larger than usual for the states) and weird questionable sink operations. Soft music could be heard along with the bustling chatter of the people outside

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By - Twap

Liminal Chilli's

Over all clean but I think I entered a liminal space. This bathroom simply gave me such weird vibes, there's a speaker in the ceiling playing pop music and I had somewhat of a fear piss. My sister said she rated it a 2 out of 10.

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By - Jula